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John Hunter - online marketingAfter nearly two decades as a CEO of both Government and Business enterprises I now have the time to pursue a passion of mine, online marketing.

Business is business no matter where or how it is done. Now you can gain the benefit of my many years of successfully running enterprises in four different States of Australia.

I got my MBA back when it really meant something to get one. Part time, at night, whilst holding down a full time executive position in the day time. That was a lot of hard work, discipline and guts, just what you need to succeed in this business. Don’t be fooled by those emails promising fabulous riches any other way. This business, like any other, takes a lot of hard work and the learning curve is almost vertical at the start.

I aim to cut through that and help you with your business. It will still be hard work and there will be a lot to learn but at least you will be on the right path.

The online marketing business is like any other business.

I have learnt a thing or two about business and how to analyze business systems and the online marketing business is no different.

The failure rate in business start-ups in any field is very high and few make it beyond a year or two. Even fewer become leaders in their industry. The online marketing business appears to be different only in that the failure rate appears to be higher. It does not have to be that way.

I have spent some time now applying the knowledge and skills I have built up over the years to prove to myself that this business can be operated like any other. I have developed a “blueprint to online marketing success” which lays out the structure of this business. This blueprint will give you an understanding of how all of the different parts of this business fit together.

I used to give away a free outline of my blueprint for online marketing success from any page on this site.

But not any more. Success is a journey, not a simple destination. Too many got the blueprint and then were not prepared to put the work in. One even saud “but this is too much effort”. My experience has been that the more something is hyped the more likely it is to be a scam of some sort. I really don’t know of anyone who is a success online who has not put in the sweat equity to get there.

I have put this whole site together to help you build and grow your online marketing business. I have applied my accumulated knowledge and skills to pull this business apart and to develop a very easy to understand blueprint of the business.

One of the keys to successfully running anything is to have a deep understanding of how it all fits together. To start with it can be a buzzing and whirring confusion but if you consciously set out to understand how all of the bits fir together the confusion will end. As circumstances around you change, you can quickly adapt you online marketing business to the change and even develop strategies to take advantage of the changes. That is the purpose of the blueprint, to help you develop that understanding.

I have also developed a step by step approach that, if followed, will ensure your online marketing success. Each part of the blueprint will be explored on this site and specific strategies outlined to help you with that part of the business.

Also I have included a list of those products I have tried and tested and feel OK about recommending. Over time that list will grow as this really is a fast moving business arena. Some are free and some are not but any recommendation will be aimed at helping you build and grow your online marketing business.

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